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Density Determination


  1. Readability: 0.1/0.2/0.5 mg capacity: 60/120/230 g
  2. AC power source/power requirements: AC adapter, 230 or 115 V, +15% … – 20%.
  3. Frequency: 48 – 60 Hz.
  4. Allowable ambient operating temperature: 0 … +40 °C (273 … 313 K, 32 °F … 104 °F).
  5. Operating temperature range: + 10 … + 30 °C.
  6. Adaptation to ambient conditions: by selection of 1 of 4 optimized filter levels.
  7. Display update (depends on the filter level selected): 0.1 – 0.4.
  8. Power consumption: 16 VA: maximum; 9 VA: average.
  9. Hours of operation with fully charged 14 h. YRB 06 Z external battery pack, approx.
  10. Selectable weight units: grams, kilograms, carats, pounds, ounces, Troy ounces, Hong Kong taels, Singapore taels, Taiwanese taels, grains, pennyweights, milligrams, parts per pound, Chinese taels, Mommes, Austrian carats, Tola, Baht and Mesghal.
  11. Selectable application programs: mass unit conversion, counting, weighing in percent, animal weighing, recalculation, calculation, density determination, differential weighing, over/under check weighing, time-controlled functions, totalizing, statistics, 2nd tare memory, IDs, product data memories.

isoCAL self-calibration and fully automatic adjustment user-definable calibration/adjustment times (3 time settings max.) at which the balance will self-calibrate and adjust the span on a daily basis.

ISO/GLP-compliant recording/printing capability with memory for up to 50 ISO/GLP-compliant calibration and adjustment records with memory for up to 50 ISO/GLP-compliant calibration and adjustment records

Convenient input capability for alphanumeric ID’s

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