In house engineered & produced equipment

10.000m2 production floor

continuous product & software development

solution provider for Test equipment for the plastic industry

Bayerteq products

Bayerteq is a company with its footprint for many years in the laboratory equipment for the plastic pipe industry. Our strength is to combine European engineering & European components with assembly in our state of the art factory with an unrivalled production scale and with in-house software development

The main components we source from first tier suppliers like SIEMENS, DANFOSS, WILO, ABB, A/R.

Our equipment work fully against the relevant Quality Standards and is CE certified.

Let us welcome you to our world of test equipment where we continuously develop & improve.


Pressure & mechanical testing


Analytical testing


Raw material testing


Sample Preparation

Bayerteq Contact and service

Feel free to contact us for service, information and quotes on our products

European Engineering meets Far East production

German Design & Engineering – assembly in our factory in China

In order to create value for our customers we believe in economies of scale and clever engineering, supported by an excellent service; we continue to develop existing and new products while improving efficiency in our processes.

Installation, maintenance and service is performed by our German engineers who perform installations world-wide. As we strive to have service & maintenance as quickly and as economically as possible on-site at our customers, we also operate from our service hubs in UAE, Russia, Egypt and Brazil. We continue to increase our network of service hubs around the globe.

Bayerteq Standards

There are numerous international standards referring to testing.

Testing standards for instance ensure consistent product quality with a high level of comparability.

We supply testing equipment to fulfill any national and international testing standard within our field of business and we specialize in delivering solutions and customised equipment.


Peace of mind

That is the main purpose of Bayerteq Service & Solutions.


Installation & training

Bayerteq technicians perform installation and commissioning on-site as well as training of your operating personnel.


Calibration & maintenance

Your Bayerteq equipment will continue to run smoothly with calibration and maintenenace performed by our licensed technicians.


Online Support

We provide online support with teamviewer / telephone consults for fast trouble shooting.

Excellence in service

That is the main purpose of Bayerteq Service & Solutions.

With an unrivaled network, local presence across all main markets and 20+ years of experience in the Test equipment industry, we can give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the things that are most important to you.

For scheduling maintenance appointments or ordering spare parts, please contact: service@bayerteq.com