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Bulk Density Tester

With the Bayerteq bulk density tester as well as a laboratory weight (optional) accurate to 0,1g it is possible to determine the apparent density i.e. the mass per unit of volume of loose material (powder or granulate) that can be poured from the funnel.

The Bayerteq bulk density tester is intended for determination of apparent density (powder or granulate), bulk density factor and pourability of plastics materials. The bulk density tester comes in two models – model A complies with the standards ISO R 60 and ASTM D 1895 method A and model B complies with the standard ASTM D 1895 method B.

The bulk density tester is simple and easy to operate and maintenance is very low.


The tester consists of a feed funnel with a spring loaded swivel lid at the bottom, which is mounted on a solid bottom plate. The bottom plate is mounted with a cup for measuring the material and a catch pan (drip tray). After material has been flown freely into the measuring cup, the excess is scraped off by means of a straightedge blade.

The funnel is mounted on the vertical support along with the lid and straightedge blade. The measuring cup is polished inside and has a capacity of 100 ml +/- 0,5 ml for ISO R 60 and ASTM D 1895 method A. The measuring cup has a capacity of 400 ml for ASTM D 1895 method B.

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