Excellence in service

Your personal contact with us does not end with the commissioning of your test equipment.

We also care about the operation of your solution. We want to ensure optimal up-time based on preventive maintenance and efficient problem solving. You will achieve higher efficiency, high test reliability and a long life-time on your equipment.

We believe service is the key to a fruitful and long lasting cooperation.


That is the main purpose of Bayerteq Service & Solutions.

Installation & training

Bayerteq technicians perform installation and commissioning on-site as well as training of your operating personnel.

Calibration & maintenance

Your Bayerteq equipment will continue to run smoothly with calibration and maintenenace performed by our licensed technicians.

Online Support

We provide online support with teamviewer / telephone consults for fast trouble shooting.

Excellence in service

We are experts in test equipment for pipe, fittings and hose testing. Our job is to make sure that your test results are accurate and reliable – and last but not least, to ensure maximum up-time on your test equipment.

New standard or product - new test?

Call us for advice when a new test is needed. Our technicians are trained and experienced in their field and our global agents all have many years of experience in the industry.

Need new test equipment?

Our team of experienced project managers and engineers are fully focused on helping you increase test performance.

Need assistance on existing equipment?

Ask us for professional advice and evaluation of your existing equipment, we perform service and adaptions to your old trusted equipment.

Pipe & fitting
test equipment

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Bayerteq is a company with its footprint for many years in the laboratory equipment for the plastic pipe industry. We started as a engineering company doing design & engineering for third parties and we evolved to market our own test equipment which we OEM produce in Asia & Europe.

  • In house engineered equipment
  • European Engineering
  • International Quality Standards production
  • We work with first tier suppliers

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