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The Pendulum impact tester is an instrument used to conduct impact test on thermoplastic materials in order to determine their impact fragility characteristic under specified stress.


1)     Touch screen display, test parameters can be set via touch screen; with the functions of automatic calibration of energy losses. High precision, perfect stability and easy operation enable the tester to gain CE certificate and be sold all around the world

.2)     USB stick can be inserted and transferred test results to PC.

3) Automatic calculation of impact energy and impact strength, also test results can be displayed and be printed out.

4) Photoelectricity angle collecting device ensures the accuracy of test result, an current pendulum angle can be displayed.

Technical Parameters:
Control and display method Touch screen
Impact energy 3.5 m/s
Impact energy levels 1.0 J,2.75 J,5.5 J
Starting angle 1500
Distance between shaft and center of sample 335 mm
Accuracy ±0.1%
Display resolution 0.001J
Location of striking edge above top surface of support 22.0 mm±0.2 mm
Corner radius of striking edge R=0.8 mm±0.2 mm
Energy losses 1.0 J—2%; 2.75 J—1%;
 5.5 J—0.5%
Type of samples 80mm 10mm 4mm
Dimensions L x W x H=(830x 300 x 890) mm
Power supply (220-15%~220+10%)VAC  50Hz  0.1kW  , Single phase and three wires

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