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FNCT tester

FNCT is used to determine the stress cracking resistance of polyethylene materials in any environment. A test specimen in the form of a square-section bar with coplanar notches in each face at the center,is subjected to a static tensile load in a temperature-controlled environment. The time for this brittle failure to occur after loading is recorder.


Each station could be run separately;

Load automatically;

High accuracy and stability;

Support separately of every station with no interference, first class technology in the world.

Diagnosis automatically and with protective function.

Technical Parameters:

  • Number of stations: 6
  •   Force range: 20N to 5000N, selectable independently
  •   Force accuracy: Nominal value±1%
  •   Stroke: 200mm
  •   Displacement resolution: 0.027mm
  •   Time range: up to 10000h
  •   Time resolution: 1s
  •   Temperature range: room temp. to 95℃ (with cooling system as option)
  •   Temperature accuracy: 0.5℃
  •   Overall dimensionsApparatus: 1620mm×850mm×1750mm
  •   Net Weight:200kg;


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