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Leak Tightness Tester

Bayertq BT-LTT; Leak Tightness Tester

The Leak Tight tester is used to the elastomeric sealing ring type of joints for underground non pressure pipe systems.

According to EN 1277, ISO 13844 or equivalent.

The system configured is suitable for pipe sample testing up to DN 1600 mm and comprises the following components:

  • Leak Tightness Tester cabinet
  • Module for generating low pressure according to EN1277
  • frame for dimensions from Ø110 mm up to Ø1600 mm equipped for high pressure in case required


To execute the test for each individual DN plugs / end closures plates are required


Test program:

1) Test piece is subjected to internal negative air pressure (vacuum ) (specified by referring standard)

2) Test piece is subjected to internal hydrostatic pressure (specified by referring standard)

3) Test piece will be deflected (diametric and/or angular deflection depending on standard).


Control cabinet

He cabinet comes with a vacuum/pressure  pump and processor. The test data can be exported to the computer for further data analyses. The BT LTT comes with full data logging as per Standards and is build to last for many years in service.


The pipe sample is pressurized for a specific period while the joint is monitored for leakage.

Monitoring the pipe joints for leaks is carried out by the operator but the system registers if any leakage

occurs; in this case the test will stop.

  • Depending on model; Ø110-1600mm pipe tester
  • Deflection: 2 – 2,5 degrees
  • Vacuum: -0,3 bar +/- 5%
  • Pressure transmitter: accuracy 0,3 %
  • Pressure: max 100 bar
  • Force on pipe samples: 20 Kn

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