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UV Weathering chamber

Bayerteq’s UV weathering chamber is in accordance wih ISO 4892-3 and ASTM G154 or similar.

Bayerteq UV weathering resistance test chamber is used in tests that incorporate UV light,temperature, condensing humidity, water sprays, and irradiance control. UV weathering aging test chamber uses UVA-340, UVB-313 fluorescent UV lamps for a variety of test conditions. Accelerated weathering tests included color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation and many others. UV series weathering chambers are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access that provides simple operation and control.

  • BPT: 35°C ~ +80°C with adjustable
  • 8pcs UVA-340 lamps
  • Irradiance 0.3~ 20W/m2 at 340nm. Can perform the 0.76W/m2, 0.83W/m2
  • Programmable color touch screen type controller, can set the program of testing.
  1. Sample Shelf
    Flat specimen holders, aluminum panels with rings.
  2. UV Lamp
    Equipped with 8 pieces UV lamps, UVA-340, which is air cooling.
    Each UV Lamp Power is 40W,
    Lamp length 1160mm
  3. Controller
    PID programmable color touch screen controller, USB port and Ethernet port Ø Can edit 100 programs 20 segment.
    LIB also can set program into the controller based on user testing requirements, and repeat the cycles
    Display Temperature, BPT, Water Spraying and Irradiance

Technical Specifications according to ISO 4892-3

Model BT UV-SI-260
Internal Dimension (mm) 450(D)*1170(W)*500(H)
Overall Dimension (mm) 610(D)*1330(W)*1470(H),Approx.
Specimen Holder Size(mm) 75*300mm
Specimen Capacity 24 Pieces
Irradiation Source 0.3~20 W/㎡ at 340nm , can perform the 0.76W/㎡ , 0.83 W/㎡
How to use and test Change the lamp for different testing
Temperature Range Ambient ~ 90 ℃ ±2℃
Black Panel Temperature (BPT) 35 ~ 80 ℃
Humidity Range ≥95% RH
Bandwidth 290 ~ 400nm
Irradiance Control 0.3~20 W/㎡ at 340nm , can perform the 0.76W/㎡ , 0.83 W/㎡
Water Spray Cycle 1~9999H59M (Adjustable)
Distance of Specimen and lamp 50mm
Heating Element Nichrome heater
Controller Programmable color LCD touch screen controller, USB, Ethernet
Water Supply System Automatic water supply
Water purification system
Build-in Water Tank(mm) 350*350*300
Exterior Material Steel Plate with protective coating
Interior Material SUS304 stainless steel
Thermal Insulation Polyurethane foam and insulation cotton
Power Supply 230V 50Hz 1P
Standard ISO4892-1,ISO4892-3

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