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Methylene chloride tester – MCT

The Dichloromethane test specifies a method for determining the resistance of unplasticized PVC pipes to dichloromethane at a specified temperature (DCMT). The method can be used for any homogeneous plain-walled unplasticized-PVC pipes, irrespective of their intended application. It can be used as a rapid means of quality control.

DCMT tests of PVC-U pipes determine the gelation level. Gelation is a process in which the plasticizer diffuses into the particles of PVC resin during heating. The gelation of PVC-U is an important product characteristic as it influeces impact strength and resistance to internal pressure the pipe, chamfered at one end so that the complete cross-section of the pipe is in contact with the fluid, is immersed in dichloromethane for a period of 30 min, then successively in baths whose temperature varies by increments of 5 “C, for example.

After the test the sample is subject to a visual inspection; the test pieces are acceptable if there is no attack of the PVC-U.

The Bayerteq DMCT tester allows the operator to safely conduct the DCMT tests by simply placing the test sample inside the test cabinet, close the lid, and set the test parameters on the display. The carriage lowers the test sample into the medium for the selected time. A layer of water acting as a vapour barrier above the test medium.

temperature range: 15±0.5℃ ~60℃
control resolution: 0.1°C
temperature deviation: better than +/- 0.5° C from set temperature
serial interface: standard temperature logging output
tank internal dimensions: Ф300×400mm
tank material: 2mm Aisi 304 stainless steel
tanks: one or two tanks—more on request
air supply: 4-8 bar dry filtered air
electrical supply: AC 220V ±10% 10A

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