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Pressure cabinet HPM series

Bayerteq pressure cabinet HPM 2B- series

Latest Generation Pressure Test equipment for internal pressure

The Bayerteq HPM – 2B Series is designed to determine the resistance of thermoplastics pipes and short-time hydraulic burst to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature. It is applicable to thermoplastic pipes intended for the conveyance of fluids and is designed according to ISO 1167, ASTM D 1598, ASTM D 1599 or equivalent.

The Bayerteq Pressure System contains a Pressure Control Cabinet and a separate Pump unit. The Control Cabinet is available up to max 30 or max 40 individual pressure stations and is equipped with a Siemens IPC / Controller & HTMI. Further the Control Cabinet contains pressure transmitters from Danfoss and a valve system and accumulators developed by our own R&D team.

The special pump unit boosts a 15 liter/minute Danfoss / AR pump @ rated pressure, 10mu filters, pressure relief valve and accumulator.

All piping in our system is made out of stainless steel AISI 304.

The maximum pressure level for the HPM – 2B series is 100 or 160 Bar; for higher pressure levels we have developed our HPM – XP series which contains Pressure Cabinets up to 200, 400 and 600 bar.

HPM 2B with pump unit pic 02

The pressure cabinets can be operated from both the SIEMENS HTMI and from a local Pc. The Control Cabinet has a 1 THz build in memory card and can to be connected to LAN in order to save all data on your Pc and/or server and for us to be able to access from our office for software updates / monitoring upon your request.

The Bayerteq software which is installed on a Pc is an in-house developed software and provides all the necessary for data storage and analyses; a user friendly, multi languages interface is provided for different users. Upon request we can supply a Pc with Bayerteq software already installed.

This model has been engineered by the latest technology and guarantees max accuracy and ease of operation.

Calibration and maintenance can be done individually on all stations without interruption of running tests.

For Pressure tests of large DN pipe samples like DN 1000mm and higher, we have developed our new HPM-XV series which boosts a flow from 20 liter/minute up to 100 liter/minute @rated pressure to ensure quick pressuring of the samples.

Related equipment: Pressure Cabinet HPM-XP for high pressure, Pressure Cabinet HPM-XV for high volume, water baths SL and FL series, endclosures.

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