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MFI tester BT MFI 1100

The BT MFI 1100 is the most economical series of our range of MFI testers; the BT MFI 100 tests both the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of a wide range of thermoplastic raw materials, in the form of granules, strips of film etc. This test method is particularly useful for quality control tests on thermoplastics. MVR will be found particularly useful when comparing materials of different filler content and when comparing filled with unfilled thermoplastics. The MFR can be determined from MVR measurements provided the melt density at the test temperature and pressure is known.

The built-in microprocessor maintains temperature control to within ± 0.5℃, with rapid ram-up to the set point. Extruded material is automatically cut off by the built-in scraper mechanism at preset intervals, controllable to ± 0.1seconds.

Ease to operate!

Testing Melt Flow Rate has never been so economical or easy to do! The tester is supplied completely with the accessories and weights necessary for maintenance and operation. The BT MFI 1200 comes with full accessories and is a true plug & play concept.


  • Operating temperature: 100 ℃–450℃;
  • Temperature control accuracy: ≤0.5℃;
  • Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃;
  • Temperature rising time: <30 mins;
  • Load: seven levels (0.325kg, 1.2kg, 2.16kg, 3.8kg, 5kg, 10kg and 21.6kg);

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