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Laboratory Saw

The BT LS630-C is mainly designed for cutting and chamfering of larger diamter pipes. Our lab saw is a tyical example of a product which has been designed in close cooperation with plastic pipe producers to ensure the machine fits the market requirements.


The BT LS 630C comes with CE certification

The unit is modular designed and is solidly built with high accuracy level., high rigidity, pneumatic clamp, planetary cutting method.

High rigidity, pneumatic clamp, planetary cutting method.

Cutting and chamfering are completed synchronously, largely increasing work efficiency and reducing working strength.

The rotating motor, acts automatically after sample well-clamped, stops automatically while compaction released, as a safety measurement for the operator.

Electronic soft-start function provides the torque for stable start-up at low speed, which reducing the electromagnetic shock to the power supply system.


Diameter range: _90-_630

chamfering angle_15¡


Power supply of main frame: 380_1-15%_VAC_380_1+10%_VAC 4kW , three phases and five lines.

Power supply of scrap collector: 380_1-15%_VAC_380_1+10%_VAC 3kW, three phases and five lines.

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