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DSC For OIT Test

The BT DSC CN2 800 is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, it is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature, melting point, cold crystallization, crystallization, phase transition, oxidation induction time (OIT).



ISO/TR10837:1991, ASTM D3895-1998, ASTM E 967, ASTM E 968, ASTM E 793, ASTM D 3895, ASTM D 3417, ASTM D 3418, ISO 11357-6


Main Features:

New designed oven structure ensures high resolution and good stability of base line;

Air flow meter ensures control air flow rate accurately; The Bayerteq BT DSC 800 can be controlled by both main frame and software.


Technical parameters:

  1. DSC range: 0~±500mW
  2. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 800 ℃ air-cooled
  3. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 ℃ / min
  4. Cooling rate * : 1 ~ 20 ℃ / min (OPTIONAL)
  5. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃
  6. Temperature fluctuations: ±0.1℃
  7. Temperature repeatability: ±0.1℃
  8. DSC noise: 0.01μW
  9. DSC resolution: 0.01μW
  10. DSC accuracy: 0.1 u W
  11. DSC sensitivity: 0.1 u W
  12. Control Mode: Rising temperature, constant temperature(full automatic programmed control)
  13. Curve scanning: Rising scan, *cooling scan (OPTIONAL)
  14. Gas flow control: Embedded digital flow meter & Software control, automatic changing 15. Color: 24 bit 7 inches LCD touch screen display
  15. Data interface: standard USB connector
  16. Parameter standard: equipped with standard material, with a key calibration function, the user may correct temperature and heat enthalpy

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