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Bayerteq RCP S4 tester

The Bayerteq Rapid Crack Propagation Tester offers exceptional accuracy when testing plastic pipes.

The unique drive, ensures stable, accurate and with 3 selectable speeds of 10,0, 15,0 and 20,0  meters per second or set speed with intervals of 0,5 m/s from 5 m/s to 15 m/s. Complying with the Standard ISO 13477.

Crack analysis on pipes and evaluation standard of pipe lifetime provide the theoretical basis for a safety & long term service of thermoplastics pipes. S4 test is a scientific method used to evaluate RCP performance of thermoplastics pipes.

Bayerteq RCP Tester makes the evaluation of pipe S4 performance safer, easier and more accurate.

Robust structure which comprises a energy storage device unit which converts elstic energy into kinetic energy

The Bayerteq RCP comes with a color touch screen with full data incl pre-treatment time, current pressure inside pipe-sample, impact speed, length of crack, test temperature etc.

The rigid frame with several buffers ensures that the impact from the striker wil not affect the electronics and controller of the RCP.

quick shift automatic loading system for loading samples

easy & simple assembly & positioning system with quick couplers which reduces operation time

automatic security systems which identifies and ensures the correct positioning of the sample and correct striker blade being used. The striker blade can’t be released before the test sample is in the right position with the correct striker blade

Bayerteq RCP Tester Technical Specfications:

sample size ≤ 250 mm, ≤ 315 mm, ≤ 500 mm
impact speed of striker blade 3 selectable speeds; 10,0 m/s , 15,0 m/s , 20,0 m/s. or set speed between 5,0 m/s and 15 m/s with intervals of 0,5 m/s
speed accuracy 0,5 m/s
pressure medium nitrogen (provided by user)
pressure range ≤ 250 bar
accuracy class grade: 0,5
control mode PLC with touch screen
striker blade release pneumatic
pneumatic energy storage motor-driven
speed measurement photo cells, communication interface
storage mode USB
compressed air interface 3/8 ” quick couplers, high ressure hose
comressed air supply 3 – 4 bar
security protection IP55
dimensions & weight
base unit: 850*720*2500, 420 kg
external rail: 3000*400*80, 120 kg
stand alone controller: 450*500*1400, 50 kg


RCP condition chamber

The Bayerteq condition chamber comes with automatic doors to save time for the sample to go in & out the chamber; doors are pneumatic doors.

high efficiency chamber which ensures the temperature to reach -30 degree Celcius within 10 miutes

Temperature is controlled and regulated automatically

independent sample deivery rails are provided with unique sealing which avoids freezing phenomenon between

excellent thermal insulation to reduce power consumption

mutiple safety systems including escape and alarm device.

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