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Axial Notch Milling Machine

ISO 13479:1997 Polyolefin pipes for the conveyance of resistance to crack propagation-Test method for slow crack growth on notched pipes(notch test)

The BT AX630 comes with industrial PLC control and moveable Large size full color touch screen display terminal.

Main componenets like the new blade saw and champfer unit are easy to be replaced.

The lab sawe is equiped with a multi-point type to support test piece, which ensures the parallelism between cutting knife and pipe and the repeatability of notch depth.

60_V-type hard alloy saw blade ensures the end surfaces to be smooth.

Mainly technical parameters:

  • Pipe diameter range__63mm__630mm;
  • Max. length of pipe_ 1800mm;
  • Notch length: 50mm_650mm;
  • Max. Notch depth: 15mm;
  • Milling cutter diameter_200mm_Number of teeth_20_Rotation rate of motor_750rpm
  • Feeding speed _150mm/min; Return speed: 2400 mm/min;
  • Cutting speed: _0.010±0.002__mm/rev_/tooth;
  • Power supply: 380VAC 50Hz 2.8kVA
  • IP protection level_IP55
  • Overall dimension_ 2000mm_1180mm_2080mm_L_W_H

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