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Meet our new Bayerteq Falling Weight impact tester – BT FWV series with vacuum technology.

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The Bayerteq Falling weight impact tester is developed to carry out external impact resistance according to both the staircase and the round-the-clock methods according to ISO 3127, EN 744, EN 1411 and ASTM D 2444 and equivalent.

With this impact tester the falling weights are lifted up to the top of the tower with a vacuum system by means of a pump which ensures swift suction of the falling weight to the top of the tower.

The BT FWS comes in 3 different dimensions; up to DN 630 mm, up to DN 1400 mm and up to DN 2000 mm. The falling height can be set between 50 mm and 2000 mm with anti-rebound system which prevents the falling weight from bouncing on the pipe sample. Falling height can be automatically calibrated. Upon request we can also supply falling heights 3000 mm and 4000 mm.

The moving of the sample up&down in the chamber is motorized.

Resolution of displacement: 1mm

The Bayerteq impact tester comes with safety features which prevents the machine to be operating while the door is open and is fitted with a two-hand drop release control. The device is designed in accordance with 89/392 EEC.

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