July 2021; Bayerteq acquires controlling interest in main OEM partner Huasu

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we are immensly proud to announce that Bayerteq has been able to acquire a controlling stake in our main OEM partner Huasu, located in Chengde, China.

Our significant growth over the last few years enabled us to further secure our position in production in which Huasu has proven to be unrivalled in terms of both production scale and efficiency and we are proud that our partners from Huasu have chosen Bayerteq to further develop their company. Huasu will continue under the name Bayerteq – Huasu.

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Our equipment is based on European quality; it’s similar engineering and main components we source from first tier suppliers. We assemble the equipment in our factory in China where we benefit from an unrivalled economy of scale in production. Our equipment works fully against the relevant Quality Standards and come with CE label. Let us welcome you to our world of test equipment where we continuously develop & improve.


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